• Anno 1800
  • Console Edition
  • Game Update

Anno 1800 (Console): Game Update 4

  • 06.11.2023

Release Date: November 14th, 2PM UTC


  • Added support for the “Eldritch” Pack Cosmetic DLC.

New Content

  • Added a “3 million players” ornament for all players

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Expeditions returning with less than 3 rewards after completing 2 or 3 skull Zoological Expeditions.
  • Fixed a wrongly displayed ship icon for Expedition events with ‘Navigation’ and ‘Naval Power’ choices despite the ship used not having said bonuses.


  • Fixed a crash that happened after one player demolishes a building that is in the process of being moved with the multirelocate tool by the other player.
  • [PS5] Fixed the issue that new custom ship names are not being saved in multiplayer game modes.


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  1. T Tor_Bloodaxe


    The Bakkeri takes grain not flour, so there are no point of grain to flour.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof

      Hey Tor_Bloodaxe, you likely are using an item (the “Baker”) for your bakeries that changes the need for flour to grain.

  2. M Mafia20025532

    Las las regiones del ártico y tierra de leones serán agredidas a la versión de consola o solo tendremos el juego base y los dlcs decorativos para siempre ?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof

      Hello Mafia20025532, even if I have to disappoint: there are no plans to release any of the gameplay DLC (The Passage, Seats of Power, Land of Lions, New World Rising, etc.) for the Console Edition, that’s correct.

  3. v vango205

    I have a question for you did you just use console to fund your other PC Adventures for no 1800. The reason I ask is because console doesn’t get very much attention there’s a lot of bugs that need to be fixed not sure why you won’t release more DLCs for console I’m hoping you pay console more attention than you do PC at some point. I look forward to your comments on why you aren’t paying console more attention

    •   Ubi-Thorlof

      Hey vango205,
      Anno 1800 Console Edition was the first time we brought an Anno game to consoles, which, in essence was as experiment for us (a rather successful one, we can now say) and therefore limited in scope – e.g. in terms of the DLC topic you mentioned. Therefore we’re not going to do much more in terms of post-launch support for consoles, aside from critical bug fixes and the mentioned Cosmetic DLC.
      Another point (that also applies to the PC version) simply is that we have a new project in the works which the majority of the team is working on, and with both the PC and Console version finished and stable, that’s where our focus is on now.

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