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Union Update: A Contest, and lots of videos

  • 12.04.2019

Today we are short on text, but have lots of videos to entertain you in-between those lengthy Open Beta sessions this weekend. But first- your chance to win something!

Show us your love for Anno and win a vinyl soundtrack
As announced during yesterday’s AnnoCast twitch stream, we are giving away one of the limited Anno 1800 Vinyl Soundtracks from our friends at Blackscreen Records (which we will happily sign if requested by the winner). We also have one runner-up prize, which is a signed Anno 1800 t-shirt. To claim this piece of Anno history for yourself, you have to get creative, and perhaps even a bit crazy. In short: We want you to show us your love for the Anno series. The more inventive, the better! Whether you create a music video or record an audio play, we want to see you express your creativity as it relates to Anno.

Show us your creations in this forum thread here, and make sure to use the hastag #Annophony if you want to share them with the world on twitter. You can submit your content until 11:59pm UTC on Friday April 26.

Enjoy our Accolades trailer
With only 4 more days to go until the big day, we have released a new trailer for you all to enjoy, including some of the accolades Anno 1800 has received from press so far.


Anno 1800 Influencer Challenge
Our colleagues at Ubisoft US have challenged four popular strategy gaming influencers to see which one of them would make the best 19th century island governor.

For challenge number one, they had to compete to see who could reach 5.000 citizens first. Fair to say that their the approaches (and ethical standards of living) they settled on to reach this goal differed a lot between our contestants…

Alex the Rambler



Drew Durnil

We hope that our contestants provided you with some inspirations for our own Anno 1800 adventures! Check back next week for part two of the challenge, as they race to be the first player to reach the New World!

Reminder: Play the Open Beta to claim your ornament

Don’t forget to play the Anno 1800 Open beta this weekend to claim your chess table ornament for the full version. The Open Beta is available to everyone via Uplay and the Epic Games store.


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  1. R RailGunner2160

    Question: Do Steam Players get the chess table ornaments if they play the open beta using Uplay?

    • n nicesocks

      I hope so. Since we play it through the Uplay app, and Steam Store will send us to Uplay in order to play, I’d assume it connects to our accounts.

      This would be nice to have heard officially from the launch questions answered. But perhaps since they are working with Uplay/Epic they can’t mention Steam?

      My assumption on this is 99%, as there is a small 1% chance it won’t link.

      • B BB_Com_Raven

        As long as you used the same Uplay acocunt during Open Beta and full game, you can claim the Chess table from the Ubisoft Club, yes. Hope that clarifies it 🙂

  2. D DeVeteran

    Hey, one question. I saw that the Vinyl Edition gets a code to download the WHOLE soundtrack of the game, 64 songs that is. Does the Physical Edition also have that code? Or we only get selected (30) tracks? 🙁

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