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  • 19.11.2020

Hey Anno Community,

Yesterday, we answered the question that had been on many of your minds recently: What does the future hold for Anno 1800? And since pictures can say so much more than mere words, we answered with our Season 3 Teaser, which you can watch once more right here:

We are very happy to confirm that Anno 1800 will be back for a third Season of content in 2021! While we don’t want to give too much away, there a few things we can share:

  • Season 3 will once again consist of three new DLCs, all of which have been inspired by community feedback and wishes
  • Season 3’s DLCs thematically represent something of a homecoming after your globetrotting adventures in the Arctic and Enbesa, and won’t be adding a new session to the game
  • Each DLC release will once again be accompanied by a Free Game Update that will further improve the game for all our industrial pioneers

We look forward to sharing much more about our plans for Season 3 with you all in early 2021, and to reach new heights of city-building with you all.

Stay safe,

The Anno Team


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  1. b blightedmythos

    Oh man! My wife, sister and I coop this game for hours. I’m excited it’s getting further support. Here are a few wishlist items:

    -Naval combat filled out with a few more ships added to both steam and sail harbors.
    -Mostly huge islands (instead of large), after replaying this game many times I get tired of the same islands and island loadouts. Some huge islands added to the New world, arctic, and Enbesa would be really welcome for replayability.
    -Some kind of Island map editor for modders (this would really open up mods)
    -Better Enbesa and Arctic tie in – Copper and zinc mines added to both maybe? Gold on Enbesa.
    -Upgradable flagship via research center so it scales into endgame better. New haul unlocks and increase item slots.

    • b blightedmythos

      Oh also, please fix the direct x 12 crash my wife an I (1080 gtx ti’s) have had to switch to directx 11 which has a lot worse performance. There seems to be some kind of memory leak, as the crash occurs when cycling items at traders.

      Also, add the ability to join session mid game. If even just one of us crashes we all have to quit the game out and restart which is a big time waster with the long load times.


    It would be nice to see some other layouts for the botanica greenhouses! Great Game!

  3. k kunalkar

    I will really Love to see some kind of Land battle, it may not be very extensive but i loved how Anno 1404 added the land military into the game. Thus that kind of camp form of army movements would really make this game the Best RTS of all time. This game would simply take the Crown from age of empires and sit on the throne of Best RTS.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof

      Hey kunalkar,
      while we appreciate that parts of our community enjoyed the land combat in previous titles, we are not planning to add such a mechanic to Anno 1800.
      Overall, we don’t really see Anno in the RTS genre but rather in the city-building genre. Anno and Age of Empires are rather different types of games.

  4. V Via4Uplay

    I love the way you guys show the spread of the world and the times in the game. The teaser excites me in exactly that way, while there is almost no actual info for dlc (literally a teaser!).
    1800 is the epic center of the universe. I hope it extends far beyond the season three.

  5. W Wildoxit

    Actually, in my opinion, i want to see some Japan. Japan one of the first started to use electricity and saved some old traditions. Regardless that samurais was gone, Japan had one of the biggest and strongest fleet. By the way it was still one way or another closed to outsiders and DLC can be based on starting trade with Japan.

  6. k kaizer700

    Make this and you can thank me later!

  7. k kaizer700

    However all of this doesn’t work without introduction on new ships. This is the layout: you have no actual accurate ships or naming for them, a ship of the line is the size of a frigate and the frigate is an actual corvette and yes I know it’s a game but this is where you fail and fall short of capitalizing on the true potential of this diamond in the rough that you call Anno 1800. This DLC will also include ship of the line with their right classification, first rename the Frigates in the game to Corvettes, the Ships of the Line to Frigates, because they only have 40 guns ( they were considered ships of the line in the 18th century not 1800’s) excuse it to the fact that Archibald Blake brought an Admiral from the Queen and he made a big fuss once he founded your first Naval College. Once you are done with the sizzle you can bring in the steak! With Naval Academy you open the Ships of the Line: 1st Rate, 2nd Rate, 3rd Rate. 1st Rates have 100 guns, 2nd Rate have 90 guns and 3rd Rate are with 80 guns. Of course all of this is balanced because they consume twice the influence and two and half maybe even 3 times the cash expense, however they have large storage and as BattleCruisers 4 slots for admiralty. You can even make the quests more interesting by adding the ability to board and capture a new ships while gone at sea and these could be legendary ships like 85, 95 and 105/110 gun ships that your ships brings back and so you have a more mixed fleet. And once the investors get to 5000 and you have a World fair you can build Dreadnoughts which is one extra ship that employs the heavy steal industry. A total of 4 new ships ( 7 if you choose to go add the 110, 95, 85 manofwar ships) 2 buildings. But also 2 production buildings wouldn’t hurt for Big Cannons for Ships of the Line and one for Advanced weapons for the Dreadnoughts.

  8. k kaizer700

    Season 4 Price $39.99 includes:
    3 DLC’s
    1st DLC: NAVAL POWER $22.99
    Content: [Naval College] that opens in the artisans tier, [Naval Academy] that opens with engineers tier, both have same functionality as the Seat of Power palace only the Naval College is responsible for different levels of Hull strength, Sail Speed and Cargo Capacity( maybe open additional slot) for the cargo ships. But the key is that the nomenclature of the ships is a bit twisted so it needs some help there. Naval Academy on second hand is more advanced and it gives the opportunity to improve gun size/ meaning power on the military ships, hull strength better playing and such, better sails.

  9. k kaizer700

    2nd DLC: TITANS of SEA $14.99
    Introduce 3 new ships that are 130 and 140 gun ships. Britain has built the Caledonia class Ship of the Line or call them “Manofwar” with 135 guns at the end of 1800’s and Spain had Santisima de Trinidad with 140 guns on board. All timeline accurate. The 3 new Titan class ships have 8 storage slots and 5 admiralty slots and each player on the map can build only one out of the 3 types however one player alone can possess 3 of them at the same time the other 2 obtained by the capture from another player, oh boarding is something that you research with the admiralty in the Naval Academy.

  10. k kaizer700

    You get similar to the Titans DLC you get 2 new improved looks, more guns and BIGER BLACK daunting sails on the Pirate ships and the Black Beard’s frigate.

    It would seem that the Pirate theme is exhausted and overplayed but it is not!, because it is not presented in the Crown of the diamond Anno 1800 that you have and can perfect it to shine like no other.

  11. k kaizer700

    Anno 1800 ATTN Directors & Dirk Riegert

    The game is not finished yet! Actually very incomplete, this is to the attention to all the directors that can make this happen, consider to improve overall game experience and to make this best city build game ever.
    This is what it takes to make this happen, I wanted to present this in a Power Point format so you can see what there is at stake, but I hope your imagination works and you can see the picture that I am painting.

  12. E Erik.s04112001

    Ich wollte meine Idee auch mal mit euch teilen:)
    Ich würde es mega cool finden, wenn man “mehr” mit den Händlern machen könnte und diese nicht nur zum Warenverkehr brauchbar sind. Man könnte diesen Zusatz entsprechend des Händlers anpassen, so könnte man beispielsweise Einflüsse freischalten (gab es auch schon bei Anno 1404). Alternativ könnte dieser auch gerne temporär sein, so könnte man bei Eli Bleakworth ein Boost aktivieren um eine stärkere Polizei zu haben (wegen Gefängnis usw.) oder dass man gegen Bezahlung Arbeitskräfte “mieten” könnte (Vorrausgesetzt man hat ein Pendlerkai).
    Ich finde das wäre wenigstens eine Idee, die man vielleicht man weiterspinnen können, denn es würde einmal die Händler tiefgründiger gestalten und auch schon vorhandenen Gebäuden wie den Pendlerkai bestärken:)

    Lasst uns die Idee gerne mal disskutieren:D

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