• Union Update

Union Update: Game Update 3.1

  • 06.06.2019

Release Notes for Game update 3.1
After we received reports that some of the issue in Game Update 3 are not resolved and an instance leading older savegames to crash, we plan to apply an hotfix to Anno 1800 tomorrow June 7. at 2pm CEST.

• Fixed an issue blocking players from finishing the “Prosperity for All” campaign quest on savegames created prior to Game Update 3. When players now load an older save, the game will check if the prosperity quest is active but cannot be completed and will then automatically resolve the quest for the player.
• Fixed an issue that could cause a crash of the game client after loading an old savegame with an active mission.
• Fixed a stability issue with the railway system, which could cause the game to crash in some rare instances.
• Fixed an issue that locked players from constructing buildings in their coastal area.
• Fixed an issue with charter routes missing their information in the overview screen.


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  1. H Haderlitz11

    Anyone else still experiencing issues with the Emergency Evacuation bug? My ships still are stationary on the south of the map. I keep being told the patch fixed it.

  2. R RiyaMakary

    When promised co-op will be available?

    •   Bastian Thun

      We haven’t shared any date for the free Coop update yet.

  3. C Clementina1991

    I’ve everytime a crash to desktop when the 1st expedition is completed and the movie starts playing.

    •   Bastian Thun

      Have you already tried to repair/reinstall the game and does that issue appear on any new save or only your existing savegame?

      • e endru6

        Same here. Can’t continue the campaign 🙁

      • e endru6

        Oh, and it is a new save, I just bought the game this past Saturday and can’t finish the campaign. I already submitted both crashes, is there any ETA on delivery of a fix?

      • C Clementina1991

        I have try that too. But I have read, more people have this problem after the new update.

  4. A AeoFlux643

    Kupiłem dodatek SEZON PASS. Nie moge odpalić w grze. Pokazuje mi tylko zawartość do pobrania. Jeśli klikam na UPLAY’u pokazuje się wczytywanie po kilku sekundach znika i nic się nie dzieję..
    Pomóżcie proszę inaczej 100zł w plecy..:/

  5. m mistik191

    Imergency evacuation bug still not fixed even after latest hotfix. It’s already 2 months till game release are you kidding me Ubisoft?

  6. L Lifebringr

    I am unable to continue the Campaign on Chapter 3, stuck on “One Hand Washes the Over”, no new quests/demands will be provided (after reaching 300 pop and completing that).

    If anyone knows the way of triggering the next scripted event, that’d be great!

  7. T ThomasTom88

    Hi Devs,

    I would like to give some feedback after the patch from a loaded multiplayer game:

    – Charter routes icons disappeared (it is not visible anymore which goods are being trasported) [Also, it would be nice to have tooltips for the charter route goods, sometimes you can mix up e.g. the ores]
    – Although we have already discovered the New World and have multiple settled islands there, Isabelle have introduced herself again, and gave us a new ship again for island settlement (which is not bad… 🙂 – but weird)
    – Some coastal areas are not recognized anymore by the game as “free” – this hinders building in these coasts which is a big drawback
    – Tooltips at expeditions sometimes do not pop up [or: are still partially out of the screen and you cannot read them fully]

    Thanks a lot for your efforts for making a great game even greater!

    • T ThomasTom88

      …ah… This is already the post for patch 3.1… I was giving feedback for patch 3, sorry – still the remarks regarding the tooltip functions are valid… 😉

  8. k kyse2

    sadly still not fixed been waiting months 3.1 patches come out and the bug is still keeping me from doing “Prosperity for All”

    • M McGreeek

      Yeah sadly it’s also not fixed for my savegames

    • M Mr_Simon_Black

      Yea, I’m still having the same issue. I have it particularly on “One hand washes the other”. Somewhere between the various refugee trips, I lost my “La Isla” island to an enemy NPC, and it nuked my current missions. Now all I have is “One hand washes the other” with no directions on what to do. Tried purposefully invoking the missions i had not completed yet (looked at a guide to figure those out), but no cigar.

      Sent a Ubisoft ticket; it’s about all I know that I can do about it

  9. b banan1996.1996

    I really appreciate such a hotfix so quickly, keep it up like this!

    However, a big concern for me is that patch notes for game update 03 were incomplete. Power plants now don’t reduce attractiveness, commuter piers have a higher maintenance cost now (-1000 from -200), but you haven’t mentioned these changes at all! I request full transparency and I need to know all changes which are introduced with patches.

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