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Union Update: Patch 01

  • 25.04.2019

We just hit the second week since the launch of Anno 1800 and while we are busy dissecting your detailed feedback and analyzing our data, you have been busy sharing not only your thoughts but also your creations with us. Without further ado, let us dive into this week’s Anno Union topics.
First patch today!
We just had our first patch today, including some bugfixes for known issues. You can check the full patch notes below:

ANNO 1800 – Patch 01

Fixed several crashes.
Fixed several Multiplayer Desyncs.
Fixed an issue for the Steam version, that made the games FPS drop significantly.
Fixed a rare issue, getting no further quests, after loading a savegame that has been created while a Newspaper was displayed.
Added some balancing fixes:
Diplomacy: Lowered the cooldown of “Flattering” and “Gifting” from 60 mins to 30 mins.
Diplomacy: Negotiations in the late game now cost ~70% less.*
Visitors: Visitors are now more generous (Visitor income increased by 50%).

This was just the beginning as we will bring you further patch updates as well as free content and season pass DLC throughout the year.
To give you a bit insight in what we are currently looking at: Right now, we are sitting together with the team and talk through various feedback points raised by the community. For the next balancing update, we have our eye on topic such as influence, royal taxes, ship balance and ship AI behavior. As soon as we know what we exactly going to do in the next patch, we will keep you updated here in the Anno Union.
Union Community Spotlights
Our numbers clearly show that most of you just having a jolly good time playing the game right now. We are busy on various ends; some of the team took a small break while the rest of us work on the various elements of our post-launch plans, such as patch updates and upcoming content.
For that, we will continue to use the Anno Union to give you updates about the development of the game but after the release of Anno 1800, the focus will shift a bit more towards community creations and spotlights and the cadency of blogs might vary. That does not mean that we won’t continue to bring you gamedev blogs and livestreams covering upcoming content though!

Let’s start today with just some of the content from Anno fans out there.

First spotlights goes to the Anno 1800 Fandom Wiki

The perfect place to get really deep into all the nifty details of Anno 1800 or even to share your knowledge with other fans. The Anno 1800 fan wiki is just a great and continuously growing collection of articles about the content of the game (perfect for browsing through on your second screen while playing the game).

Nutritional habits of the 19. Century by Injustpotato
Reddit user Injustpotato calculated tons of very elaborate data and used probably a few bottles of wine (just for measurement) to create this scientifically proven and highly sophisticated chart about the sometimes questionable consumption rate of your Anno 1800 residents.
I mean we are called Annoholics after all, right?

The Anno 1800 consumption calculator by Schwubbe
And to stay in-topic, community member Schwubbe demonstrated some serious engineering skills (and probably 1.1kg Coffee/min) to put together his Anno 1800 consumption calculator. It is great to see for us how many users are already working on various tools for the game, do you have some favorites you want to share with us in the comments?

Please stay calm, nothing to see here! By Dr. Rodney McKay
Everything is fine, nothing to worry about, just stay calm and enjoy the beauty of Anno 1800’s Konami Code 😀

And to give credit where credit is due: Todays Union Update header picture highlight – Annoholic FairZone on Twitter!

That was it for today, we will return with future Union Updates and continue to spotlight your creations. So if you created something cool, if it is a tool, a whole fan project or just a beautiful screenshot, let us know in the comments blog.

In the time being, please continue to share your feedback and creations out there and let us know what you would like to see in the Anno Union during the post-launch season of Anno 1800.


  1. b banan1996.1996

    Thank you for posting a link to the wiki here 🙂 Wiki is what kind of made me a bit late with posting my feedback about Anno 1800, sorry about that. I feel like I should have focused more on sharing my opinions on the forums. But as an admin of the wiki I felt like I didn’t want to disappoint other Anno fans.

  2. J JayCadilak

    Lack of an inventory overview screen seems like a strange oversight. Really killing the late game. This should have been a high priority feature from the beginning, now you’re taking forever making some overly complicated supply chain management building and touting it like it’s some amazing free bonus content. City List vertical, Resources horizontal, fill grid with numbers. Boom.

  3. S SirDavidFirst

    Please help. I spent the last few of days building up quite a decent working little empire. I Had loads of money, so out of nowhere a banner with the text ”defeat” comes up. Is there a bug that’s need to be sorted?

    • M Manooze7

      Hello Sir DavidFirst,

      When you are creating a new session to play Anoo 1800 you either choose a normal, advanced or expert difficulty preset or make a custom one. If you make a custom game you can actually set your victory conditions and how many need to be reached in order to win or loose the game. These can for instance be building a monument, reaching a certain amount of money or balance or simply a diplomatic victory. If you have any of these conditions enabled in your game and the AI reaches these goals before you do, the defeat message will pop-up. I hope this helped you out.

      Enjoy the game 🙂

  4. C CSR2K3

    Yes I may give my to cents. The statistics building would be a great add on. ^^

  5. M Manooze7

    Hello to the Developers and the Balancing Team of Anno 1800,
    So far I had a blast playing this game for many hours since release, but as I progressed further through the population tiers, certain aspects started to be more of a pain than a challenge. For example the productions chains for pocket watches and jewelry require an enormous amount of gold mines to keep up production. This is very hard to keep up in a game with scarce resources and hard AI. One almost needs to dominate the entire New World Session for that. Have you considered buffing the gold mine production as it is literally the only mine producing at such a slow rate? To further address this issue, why is there no commuter harbor for the new world? Or is that hidden in a quest? It would certainly make the whole Anno experience much more enjoyable as of now I need to have Obreros for every gold mining Island in the New World, which makes the Trade route organization and protection an absolute Nightmare (looking at you Margaret!)
    Thank you for all your time and effort!

    Best Wishes

    • B Bastian Thun

      We will dig into various aspects of the balancing in upcoming patches. However, Anno is a tremendous complex game and that means we will prioritize certain gameplay elements for one patch and then focus on other on maybe another upcoming update. To help us, just continue to post your balancing and other feedback in the forum!

      • M Manooze7

        Tnaks a lot Bastian. I will post it on the forums.

  6. H Horror122

    Hi, my pirates are not reconstructed, everything worked in the beta test, the bloggers work on the stream, why don’t I?

    • H Horror122

      Fix the pirates in my game please

  7. m minidak03

    The next patch really needs to focus on fixing the various game stopping bugs in the Campaign, like if your island in the new world is captured early and you capture it back, it then becomes literally impossible to continue the escort schooner quest. Without being able to complete that quest your game is essential over because it’s impossible to finish the campaign mission.

    Once those fixes are out of the way then focus on the balance & ship AI and only once those issues are fixed can you guys continue work on the DLC and other future content and quality of life improvements like the statistics building.

    Thank you.

    • B Bastian Thun

      The Union Updates mentions balancing changes etc. but we also work on some fixes for the next patch. Stay tuned for future updates about that.

  8. R RoyRosa

    When is the coop mode and stats building getting released?
    actualy… Why even release the game without coop? anno2070 had a great coop system and people want it back since then.

    • B Bastian Thun

      Coop was always a beloved game mode which was unfortunately only played by a very small portion of the player base. Because of that, we decided initially against an coop mode for Anno 1800 to focus on more important features. However, during production, many of you wished for a coop mode and we find a way to implement it later with resources becoming available after the main production has ended. We don’t have an ETA yet but will keep you updated about the free content updates in future Union Updates.

  9. E ExpertFirst

    The game needs scenarios, after the campaign in the game there’s nothing to do

      • B Bastian Thun

        While I am a fan of the scenarios myself, the meat of the game is the sandbox mode and where most players spend time with. Even though I understand that some players wish a return of the scenarios, there are currently no plans to bring them back to Anno 1800. If that changes, we will keep you guys updated. In the meantime, how about starting a discussions about the scenarios with other players in the forum?

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