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Union Update: Game Update 4.2

  • 06.08.2019

Once again, Europe’s biggest video game expo will open its doors on August 20. in Cologne, Germany. And to keep the tradition, we will bring Anno 1800 back to our Ubisoft UplayLounge, where we show you the newest Anno content and invite you to community QnA sessions. And while we won’t have stations to play Anno 1800 this year, we will also hold daily stage presentations on the big Ubisoft stage and rest assured, we will also have some Anno news to share.
We will share the exact times for the daily UplayLounge and stage presentations next week.

But before we can focus on gamescom 2019, we have another small Game Update for you, which will tackle some of the bugs which came with the latest DLC “Sunken Treasures”

Fixed an issue where some piers and trading posts were not correctly registered by trading ships. Ships will now check all available options to unload their cargo when stopping at an island.

All participants of a multiplayer match with the Sunken Treasures content will now receive the discovery expedition when loading a savegame in which the unlock conditions are fulfilled. Previously, it could happen that only the host of a match received the discovery quests when loading a multiplayer match with an existing savegame.

Fixed a minor issue where the Sunken Treasures discovery expedition would still get triggered even after the player declined to start it.

Removed a blocker in the Sunken Treasures “Build Harbor” Quest that occurred when the player built and upgraded the harbor directly before solving the first quest given by the queen.

Fixed a bug that deleted all blueprints in the session when destroying a trading post on a player-controlled island.

Fixed an issue where scrap was selling was sometimes for an unintended high amount of money.

Game Update 4.2 will became available for all players at 6pm CEST.

Streamin’ and divin’

We’ll also have a very special AnnoAfternoon this Friday, where our Settlers Community Representative Oliver joins Guddy in an (hopefully) epic diving adventure. But beware: It will be in German this time.

Tune in this Friday, August 9th at 3pm UTC on: https://www.twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte


  1. I II-SkyFire-II

    Hello, wondering when the World Fair bug will be fixed as it is not taking any goods from the warehouse that are close(in my case next) to it. (connections and all conditions met).

    Many people seem to be having this issue.


  2. H Henka87

    To have the new session be first come first serve basis with only one such big island is complete horse sh*t in multiplayer, it ruined our entire game which we have been playing for weeks. It needs to be adapted for multiplayer or just removed from multiplayer game all together. By far the stupidest idea you guys have had since the beginning of the Anno series. Both my friends and I completely lost the interest of continuing playing the game.

  3. V V2EX

    My friend and I started a new multiplayer game with the latest Sunken Treasure DLC. It is really frustrating that a lot of times when our salvage ships found something from the water, a desync or even a game crash immediately happens. Sometimes a reload can continue, sometimes the game crashes to the desktop so we both have to restart.

    Is there anything we can do to help the game to become more stable?

    • T ThomasTom88

      Exactly! We have also tried two different savegames and the bug is there in both – especially if goods are thrown away from the salvager and thus flotsam is created. Please, fix as soon as possible!

  4. T ThomasTom88

    Hi devs! Nice new features in the first DLC, however – for the now – only in single player. After it was activated in my multiplayer save game, it started to crash and desnyc every 5-20 minutes (Sometimes it was shown to be an ‘LR-40 error). This renders multiplayer unplayable, and we had to abandon our save game (LVL 48 and 49 player profiles) for the time being. Very disappointing. I hope this can be fixed, so buying the season pass was not only single player – which would be a shame. Thanks for your work in advance, and cheers!

  5. b bluegolds

    Please fix the issue of not being able to see cannon fire, my ships fire but i can’t see the cannon balls and I am not the only one with this problem!

  6. B BlueBreath

    “Fixed an issue where scrap was selling was sometimes for an unintended high amount of money”

    I am not giving it back :D.

  7. S SirDavidFirst

    Hi, glad to know your fixing thing, with the new DLC trading ship is not picking up goods from the new world to Crown Falls, can you fix, please.

  8. O O5ighter

    Hey do you need someone for that UbiLounge, i still got some bonbons lying around?

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