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Union Update: Your questions about the launch answered (Updated)

  • 10.04.2019

After rubbing our eyes in disbelief when looking at the calendar, we have to face the facts- Anno 1800 is only six days away from launching the franchise into the age of the industrial evolution!

In last week’s update, we extensively covered the topic of our Open Beta (reminder: everyone can participate via Uplay and Epic Games store between April 12-14 to earn a fancy Open Beta ornament for their city’s parks). This week, we turn our attention to answering many of your burning questions surrounding the game’s launch (such as pre-loading, day 1 patch, when the game goes live etc.). We also have some live streams to announce, and encourage you all to take another look at our beautiful open beta trailer. So let’s get started!

Let’s talk about launch

Pre-Loading for anyone with a digital pre-order on Uplay, Steam or the Epic Games Store will begin on April 12 at 3pm UTC . The total download size will be around 25 GB. Update: Pre-loading will start on April 11 at 3pm UTC, and not 9am as had been previously communicated. We apologize for this change.

Day 1 Patch:
We have been busy bees and worked hard to further improve Anno 1800 after we shipped the gold discs off to the factory to produce all the physical copies of the game. That means that anyone who bought a physical copy of the game will need to download our Day 1 Patch before they can start playing (the patch is already part of the pre-load for digital buyers). The Day 1 Patch will come in at roughly 23GB.

Launch timing:
We are currently ironing out the last details and will give you an update on the exact launch timing as soon as possible.

Removing Beta clients
As previously announced, you won’t be able to carry over existing downloads or save games from any of our test phases (Technical Test, Closed Beta or Open Beta), so feel free to delete them to free up space.

Open Beta trailer
This should give you answers to the most pressing questions regarding the launch. But before you have to worry about that, there’s out Open Beta coming this week! And what better way to get into the Anno mood than with another look at our Open Beta trailer?

This week’s live streaming
With only one more week to go, we will of course have some more streams for you all to enjoy as we count down the last final days until Open Beta and launch.

The entertainment already starts tonight, as we have granted select influencers and media early access to the Open Beta, which they are free to stream as they see fit. You can keep an eye on all available streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Anno%201800

Then we have our latest AnnoCast on Thursday at 3.30 pm UTC. Join us one last time (before launch) as we play the game and answer your questions. Plus, there are rumors that our Pioneers Edition and the limited edition vinyl soundtrack will drop in for a live unboxing…

Friday afternoon while have another Anno Afternoon with Guddy and John continuing their Anno 1800 adventures. Join them for a relaxed fun time at 3pm UTC. Hey, with your help, there is a high chance that they manage to push forward into the fourth residential tier!

As always, you can watch out live-streams on our official Ubisoft Blue Byte channel: twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

That’s it for this (very busy, and filled to the brims with Anno-goodness) week. See you in the Open Beta!


  1. A Aguiadourada

    Would there be a possibility of future subtitles in Portuguese pt/br?

  2. o olblf

    How do I know if I’ve unlocked the chess ornament? I’ve played the Beta on Uplay, so I should’ve unlocked it, but it doesn’t seem to be unlocked when I check the Ubisoft Club.

    • F FabLau

      Will be unlocked for the game, not the beta 🙂

      • S Slendiii

        you can purchase it in the “Club rewards” for the game 🙂

        • o olblf

          I can’t purchase it! It looks to be locked for me. Still I took part in the Beta, so I don’t know what is going on. 🙁

  3. A AiwassDWTW777

    Will there be a future Steam release in the future? Also don’t do this ever and I mean EVER AGAIN to release a game exclusivity on another store especially in the last second, why can’t it be in all stores?

  4. D Dutchman030

    what time is the open Bèta playable in the Netherlands and Germany? (+1 GMT ?)

    • F FabLau

      It’s already playable in France since this morning, so it must be available in Netherlands and Germany too

  5. N N-S-4ce

    How do we download this? Do we get sent a code in the email, or is it just added to our Epic Games/Uplay libraries?

    • F FabLau

      Check your Epic Games or Uplay library and you’ll see that it’s available on both of them

      • N N-S-4ce

        I dont have it, and i registered to get it.

  6. R Rfeuk

    >>The Day 1 Patch will come in at roughly 23GB
    I lol’d. Buy game on the disc and then download 90% of it’s size from Internet.

  7. E Egovinco

    Open Beta (reminder: everyone can participate via Uplay and Epic Games store between April 12-14 to earn a fancy Open Beta ornament for their city’s parks…

    so no free ornament on steam, or oversight?
    what about all 3 stores equal?

    • B BB_Com_Raven

      The Open Beta is only on Uplay and Epic Games store, but anyone can play. So you can play the OB on Uplay using your account that is linked to Steam, and when you play the full version on Steam you have the ornament.

    • m morganjah

      Some stores are more equal than others.

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