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Union Update: Time to catch your breath

  • 13.11.2018

Has it really only been a week since last week’s Union Update? Time sure flies when you are as busy as we are. The final months of game development can be an exhilarating roller-coaster ride, but there is something quite magical about seeing the different strands of your game finally all coming together. And believe us, with a game as feature-rich as Anno 1800, that means a lot of strands to work with!

Between the actual development and the travel that is often necessary for various team members in the lead up to a big release, we unfortunately sometimes have less time to bring you new insights on the Union (though we have a feeling that you agree that we should first focus on finishing the game).

To cut to the chase – we will not have a new DevBlog for you all this week. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming next week with a look at Diplomacy in Anno 1800.

Community Spotlight
This week, we want to put the spotlight on the Facebook Group “Anno Polonia“, a polish-speaking Community:

Hej Annoholicy z Polski,
Znacie język polski i checie poznać innych fanów Anno z waszego kraju? Sprawdźcie Anno Polonia na Facebooku! Jest to nowa, ciągle rosnąca grupa, dzięki której będziecie nie tylko na bieżąco z Anno-News, ale również będziecie mieli szansę porozmawiać z innymi fanami Anno.

Stream Highlights
However, as we do not want to leave you completely devoid of any Anno-tainment this week, you can relive your favorite memories from last week’s AnnoCast 6 with us:


  1. A ArcShowPL

    We are extremely grateful for such a distinction, I hope we will create a great community

  2. H Hannover8

    Nature in game looks fantastic! Love seeing the herds running, birds flying, the river flow and how high those mountains get! Impressive!

    • U Ubi-O5

      I personally hope to see a lot of fantastic screenshots made with the postcard mode.

      • A Admiral-PENTA

        Chris that you? We spoke at Gamescom this year if you remember my Rainbow Six cosplay 🙂
        Have to say again how amazing it is to see devs going out and revealing that much and deciding stuff together with the community! I can’t wait to play!! 🙂

  3. G Gerfervonbob

    Oh god, every video on the page auto-played at once and with my headphones on woke me up real quick. lol

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