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Multisession gameplay in Anno 1800

  • 14.09.2017

Time to get serious! As previously announced, we want to use the Anno Union to give you more insights into various aspects of Anno 1800. Starting things off is our Creative Director Dirk Riegert, who has been working on the series since the Anno 1701 days. In today’s extensive DevBlog, he will explain a core aspect of our new game: the multisession gameplay.

Our entire team is following the comments and feedback on the Anno Union with great interest and that of course includes myself. One topic that I keep coming across during my evening reading that many of you seem to have questions about is the so-called multisession gameplay. As we had always planned to start our proper DevBlogs with a meaty subject, this seemed like a perfect candidate to do so.

Looking back at Anno 2205

To be fully able to appreciate the changes we made to the system in Anno 1800, we first have to circle back a bit. Multisession gameplay is a fairly new element for the Anno series, as it was first introduced with our last game Anno 2205. This allowed players to connect several separate worlds (called “sessions”), and to transfer goods between them. Our goal for it was to create a larger, persistent game world while combining various different maps (in the case of 2205 for example, Earth and Moon). At the basic level, we were pretty happy with this new feature as it offered us many new game design possibilities. Moreover, players seemed to like it as well, voting the multisession gameplay as one of their favorite new elements of 2205 (alongside the ability to move buildings and production modules).

How can we go further?

Despite all that, our post-mortem analysis of Anno 2205 also showed us that there were many avenues where we could go even further to improve the multisession gameplay beyond that game’s implementation, as the expansion of the game across several sessions had some big implications. We identified four main parts that we wanted to address to ensure that the multisession gameplay fully met our expectations.

  1. Gameplay freedom
  2. The size of the game world
  3. A focus on your home session
  4. The game world’s integrity

To spoil the good news- we have made major improvements to each one of these aspects. So read on for much more details how we achieved this.

A question of freedom

The gameplay freedom to do as you please within the provided systems has been a core pillar of the Anno philosophy since we started with 1602. However, the multisession gameplay implementation in Anno 2205 did not fully deliver on this, as players were quickly required to settle in additional sessions to progress in the game. While it was possible to stay in your first session for as long as you wanted, this effectively limited your game progress. This lead to some players feeling limited in their ability to play Anno the way they want to, including the option of moving to additional sessions at their own pace (or not at all, even).

One session? Multiple sessions? It is up to you!

By comparison, the multisession gameplay in Anno 1800 is a lot more flexible. From a certain point on, players will be able to decide if they want to move to a new session. We know that exploration and that sense of discovery it instils are important aspects for some of our players, so we want to allow you relatively early on to set out and discover not only new islands, but also new sessions.

But there are also those players who prefer a “my home is my castle” approach, and who are more reluctant to move beyond their home island. These players prefer to make the move to another session much later in the game, once they feel fully familiar and comfortable with the gameplay. Allowing this flexibility is important for us with Anno 1800.

We are even going further to allow for those players who would prefer to only play on their starting map, as we aim to make the move to a second session entirely optional. We expect that the vast majority of players will spread out after a certain point to fully experience the full breadth of gameplay, but we will enable players to stick to their home session by focusing on trade to acquire other goods. As a side note, we currently plan to limit the classic multiplayer experience to one large session for 2-4 players.

Size matters after all

Fully understanding our goals for the multisession gameplay requires us to dive a bit into hard numbers. Staying forever in on one map is all nice and dandy- but only if it delivers the intended gameplay fantasy. For example, while the individual islands in Anno 2205 were much bigger than in previous Anno games, the maps were in turn much smaller. To see a concrete example, take a look at this graph, showing the respective to scale sizes of the game worlds in Anno 2070 (comparable to Anno 1404), Anno 2205 and our plans for Anno 1800.

As you can see, Anno 2205 had the smallest game worlds at 800×800 grids (grids being the name we use for the square units you build on). The worlds of Anno 1404 and 2070 were comparatively much bigger at 1200×1200 grids. And with Anno 1800, we take it a step further with massive 1600×1600 grid worlds.

For those of you hoping (or maybe fearing) that this means that the game world has also proportionally grown, we present this next graph, which shows the distribution of islands you can build on in the world. Whereas Anno 2070 offered around 25 islands per map, Anno 2205 reduced the number to five islands on average (we made some post-release changes with free patches and DLCs). With Anno 1800, we are going back to an island count that is more comparable to 2070 and 1404, offering up to 4 players (be they human or AI) enough space to advance to the highest civilization level. The reason that the world is comparatively bigger is that we have increased the size of the islands (especially your starting islands) to allow for more buildings, mountains that are more impressive and our huge monument. Thanks to these changes, each session should offer players enough space to for a full-fledged Anno experience. Which begs the question why we are even bringing back sessions? I am glad you asked!

A safe harbor

Similarly to how the fantasy of settling on the Moon drove the decision for the multisession gameplay in Anno 2205, our new setting in the age of industrialization and imperialism will also benefit from allowing players to move beyond their home map. We consider the players first session as kind of a home base, where their capital city will be located, and where they meets their allies and foes. After taking roots there, they are free to spread out and extend their area of influence to other regions.

Thanks to the inclusion of the multisession gameplay, we are not limited to your stating session when it comes to breathing life into the game world. After all, what proper empire would be limited to just one map?

On the other hand, we don’t want players to have to spread themselves too thin across to many sessions, leading to constant switching between them as could be the case in Anno 2205. This is why we will be very careful with the introduction of additional sessions. Our current plan is that we will offer a second big session beyond our stating map at launch. Here we are following the notion that sometimes less is more. This especially the case as (as explained above) the individual sessions are far larger and offer more gameplay than they did in 2205.

And while our restraint when it comes to the number of initial sessions is primarily driven by gameplay considerations, it comes with some has technical benefits. We were able to minimize the loading times between sessions, as they are simulated in parallel (after an initial load when you start).

The integrity of the game world

The last point of focus when it comes to improving the multisession gameplay in 1800 is the integrity of gameplay. This was an issue in 2205 as some of the typical Anno elements did not come together in a satisfying away, which sis something that we aim to rectify with 1800.

For example, there was a lack of immersion when it came to the transportation of goods, as they were not really transported from A to B, and rather managed via abstract balance sheets. To fit into the world of the 19th century, all goods in Anno 1800 once again exist as physical items that need to be transported between locations. This happens with the classic carts on the islands, and of course with ships when it comes to transportation between islands. And we are paying a lot of attention to the changes that happened to shipping during the industrialization, as time is an important factor during shipping. And not just between islands, but of course all when sending your transport ships between different sessions.

Also, contrary to Anno 2205, military engagements are no longer taking place in special “event sessions”. They are once again part of the main session in Anno 1800. How exactly these engagements work and what role multisession gameplay has there is however a topic for another DevBlog.

What do you think?

Now that I have spent two and a half hours typing up this in-depth answer to all of your questions regarding the multisession gameplay, it is your turn- we want your feedback!

This this DevBog help you to get a clearer picture of where we are headed with Anno 1800? What sounds most exciting to you, and what aspects of the multisession gameplay are you worried about? Would you personally prefer to stick to your home session, or are you more interested in exploring to world to its fullest? We look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks and until next time,

Dirk, Creative Cart Pusher


  1. K Kingaidan02

    Really looking forward to the session gameplay, a hybrid between the traditional anno map experience and it will hopefully only add another fantastic key element on to the game.

    I’m excited to see what environments these sessions will occur in? Perhaps based on the scramble for Africa or other colonial regions.

  2. D Daniel4anno

    As a die hard fan of rts games, The Settlers and the old Caesar games by Sierra and a new comer to the Anno series I’m absolute in love with the idea of multisession, I’m going to buy a €1500 pc just to play this game.

  3. O OptimaForma

    Horrible. The fact you have not learned from 2205 strikes me. No sessions. No immersion breaking switching to another map. I know it takes a lot of RAM memory, i do not care. No sessions. Guess i won’t buy this one as well, maybe you learn then

  4. h haraserh

    Greetings, well well…well..
    Also, contrary to Anno 2205, military engagements are no longer taking place in special “event sessions”. They are once again part of the main session in Anno 1800. How exactly these engagements work and what role multisession gameplay has there is however a topic for another DevBlog.

    For those of you hoping ( redacted all that ) I am glad you asked! ///**

    All i have to say its : it BETTER be like it was in anno 2070 settle, expansion, build,whatever,whatnot,and combat ALL on one map ALL at the same time…exactly like anno 2070 it was perfect.

  5. r ruuti0

    I like this new multiple sesssions idea! Can’t wait that I can more about it or play it myself!

    I also liked that you are making bigger maps, map system was great in 2070, maps could been just bigger and now it is happening!

    I am wondering that are you planning add more regions/biomes to 1800? There could be anything from sand to tundra and it would work! Hopefully we see more different regions in one map than before! (Only wish but still 🙂

  6. S Sandi.V.

    I’m thrilled about all the new changes and returning back to the roots of the anno series and all the upcoming improvements. I salute them.
    But let me get another word about the ocean itself … Yes, about the ocean 🙂

    I’ve been playing an ANNO series for years, I love it. Its essence has always been in economics, development and naval power. The rule over the oceans!

    But last time I saw the ocean was in ANNO 1701. In all other ANNOs, I only saw watermarks. ANNO 1701 was the last one to have an ocean. Large spacious area with wide sea and horizon in the distance.
    In all new ANNOs you can observe from one island to another, separated by the river only …
    We’re talking about bigger maps in the upcoming ANNO 1800 and I’m excited about it, but what about the oceans?
    The islands are placed far too close

    It always seemed to me that the ships in ANNO were his heart, and the ocean was his lungs. Spacious ocean, which separates islands from one another, gives the ship its magic.


    – In the last few articles, I noticed that the concept of the wind will be included in the game. Fantastic!
    If the oceans in ANNO were larger, this concept could expand. On the vast broad sea, the wind could turn into smaller and larger storms that could
    1. damaged ships,
    2. Sinking ships and
    3. changed their direction

    Spacious and larger Oceans also represent further trade routes and a touch of adventure when the ship is on its way. And, of course, a hint of risk that has always been present throughout history.

    The concept of the arrangement of the islands could be in the form of archipelagos with a maximum of 2-4 islands. Many archipelagos would be separated from one another by the wide ocean.

    These are only small suggestions that would conjure the magic of the sea.
    And the larger oceans, as we had in the ANNO 1701, would return the lungs to the series.
    So, I hope that bigger oceans will once again grab the horizon in the series.

    With best regards

  7. M MasterMind99999

    Yes ! finnally bigger map for a real co-op & territory fight 🙂 , i hope many thing about this news anno 1800 and a bigger map is surely one of them .

  8. B Black_birt


    My first question would be, what will be the technical requirements for Anno 1800. I don’t want to go through the painful experience like with Anno 2205. I was hoping so much for it’s release until I found out that my laptop wasn’t able to handle it (the graphic card wasn’t strong enough). It took until this years summer until I could afford to buy a new laptop, this time it has the second strongest graphic card that was available last summer. Now I hope 12 GB RAM would be enough for ANNO 1800.

    Back to the main point, I also found the new function of sessions a serious improvement. (However the most important improvement is still the possibility to move buildings). The lack of different maps (the random chosen maps) was the thing I missed the most. And what happened with wars in ANNO 2205, it disappeared and it was replaced with… OK, I stay silent, everyone knows this issue.

    I feel great that we can go back in the past with ANNO 1800. This feels more like ANNO and with the promises that Blue Byte is giving now I’m really looking forward too it.

    What I’m really happy with is that we have trains in the new ANNO 1800, I found it a missing thing in the last two ANNO’s.

    One thing I hope that it’s possible to build a separate island that operates without trade routes and is still profitabele. It’s an old habit that I have from the old games of ANNO to make independent islands to use as back-up if trouble comes( war, disaster, etc.) and the stable income from it is also welcome.

    Now I still have a few questions:
    – Do the different sessions have a different climate? This is something I’m hoping for a long time that their are more than one climate.
    – Is their one or more than one faction?
    – How many level have the people in you’re cities? The usual four or five? I hope their isn’t a level like in ANNO 2205 that doesn’t generate an income.
    – Is their a neutral point like the arc in ANNO 2070 or some central point in the session for the trade routes or can we make trade routes directly from an island in a session to another island in another session?
    – Will ANNO 1800 be released in early winter 2018 or in late winter 2018? I want know this because I will probably move in the middle of the winter 2018. So, I need to know where I can pre-order it when it’s available for pre-order (I prefer to buy a physical copy of ANNO 1800, an online purchase like I did with ANNO 2205 took way to long to download. I took a couple of hours for downloading and no it’s not my internet that is slow).
    – Are their some rare materials that you can collect in the game, like with ANNO 2205.
    – Do you need enough workers in the cities, or does that system with workers from ANNO 2205 disappear?
    – Is their a concept of tourist with an hotel or something in it, so you can transport people from on to another island?

    I think I’ve asked more than enough questions and the rest of them to be a surprise.

    With kind regards,

    • A Anno Community Team

      Lots of questions! Let us answer some of them:

      My first question would be, what will be the technical requirements for Anno 1800.

      Do the different sessions have a different climate? This is something I’m hoping for a long time that their are more than one climate.

      We don’t know yet, as the game is still being developed. Suffice to say, once we’re closer to launch, we will reveal details about that.

      Will ANNO 1800 be released in early winter 2018 or in late winter 2018?

      For now, we just have Winter 2018. We will get more precise when we move closer to launch. Same with pre-order options, those will get nailed down once we’re at launch.

      As for your other questions, we’ve noted them down and you might see them on a Blogpost. 🙂

  9. B BiA_Dark_Blade

    Hello, when I read this text so I´m very happy. Because everything what was wrong in Anno 2205 will be repair. Real goods, fight in normal map, multiplayer …!
    Multiple session and bigger maps are good ideas and Your thinking about it is right way. Possibility settle new session is here, but decisions is in players hands. It is really good way. But please implement normal trade road between session (build ship and harbor – create trade road, or something similar) – same system as in Anno 2205 was bad.

  10. g globus5000

    hop on co-op like in anno 1404

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