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Game Update 7.2

  • 17.04.2020

Game Update 7.2 is now available, with a download size of roughly 1GB.


Further improved
game stability by fixing several potential crashes and desyncs.

Improved reporting on desync errors.

While Game Update 7.2 fixes several issues that could cause crashes and desyncs, we cannot, in the interest of transparency, promise that it will fix these issues for all affected players. We are still in the process of investigating recent error reports, and are not always able to reproduce the issues during our own tests. To help with this, the Game Update also includes further improvements to crash and desync reporting so we can narrow down the potential causes for these issues.


  1. X Xavi-Yt

    Kiedy Pojawi Siฤ™ Aktulizacja Gry?

  2. P PiercePhoto

    Where is the link to download Update 7.2?

    • B BB_CR

      There is no download link. The game will be updated directly from your Uplay, Epic Games or Steam client, where you start the game from as well. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. X Xavi-Yt

    Why can’t I download update 7.2.
    Is she already here or not yet?

  4. V Viruscannibal91

    I have a giant bag in the campaign
    The rain never stop in bright sends.
    I have finish the campaign

  5. 1 10220129324917043

    is this really a bug fix or a bug?
    Mine is now crashing as I’m trying to start the game.

    • 1 10220129324917043

      alright. if anybody is facing this issue of crashing, follow the instructions below. Mine got fixed by doing this.
      Go to Uplay
      Choose Anno 1800 in Games
      On the left bar, Choose Properties
      under local files, click Verify files.

      I think as it updated, it crashed some of the files. by doing these steps, it will fix the corrupt files.

  6. R RodLosAngeles

    When will you fix the music bug affecting ALL players that causes many of the soundtrack songs to never get played in-game? The songs for different citizen levels (artisans, engineers, investors) are completely broken and the unique music tracks for NPC characters donโ€™t work correctly either.

    This dynamic soundtrack was teased before release in dev streams, but it has never worked since release for us paying customers.

    How can such a blatant bug go unfixed for an entire year???

    • B BB_CR

      I honestly don’t think that spamming offtopic messages on all our channels, sometimes even in the completely wrong language, will make anyone work on this faster. Neither will inciting other users to spam support with tickets for a known issue.

      • F FerudaFarstaria

        While it is completely understandable that the Dev Team cannot focus on all issues at once and that there are more pressing issues at hand that need to be solved first before this one can be solved next. It is still important to not neglect on your community’s feedback. Do not forget how awesome and passionate the ANNO Community is for their beloved game series.

        Surely it is understandable that the team is more focused on more serious issues that stop players from playing the game completely. While also having a deadline to complete promised DLCs on schedule. However you have to still fit quality control somewhere in there. Though naturally as with most game development projects you’d want to fix bugs after the game is finished. However ANNO 1800 is much more dynamic and complex in size (having more than one season of content) makes that much harder. Which is understandable.

        However I would like to advise to focus on eventually polishing off the game on all reported issues before moving onto the next ANNO title. Seeing as how each content release does cause bugs.

        Now onto something separate you said…

        I wouldn’t see this as SPAM but critical feedback of a known issue in the game. Which has been an escalating case that tarnishes a key element of ANNO that the series is known for and gets it’s strong healthy reputation from. The dynamics and soundtrack are a really important element of the game. Break it and you break the overall experience of the game. Thus damaging it’s reputation and past strong history for being a great and dynamic game. Which will lose you potential clients, customers, and even your loyal players. The fact that how many players are complaining about this issue shows how serious this is. But even Blue Byte now saying that all this community feedback is now SPAM?? This is unacceptable.

        How can even BlueByte bring themselves forwards to say something like this… You’re basically giving all your loyal Annoholics, players, fans, followers a slap in the face… By telling them all their feedback is SPAM??!… How dare you!!…

        Please I ask Blue Byte to reconsider their statement. ANNO is something dear to us all and we do not want to see it fall into ruin…

        • B BB_CR

          I am not saying that feedback is spam, no. I am saying that posting the same snarky message under every post we make (in this case even twice under the same post), even if it is completely unrelated, or even in the wrong language, is spamming. As is inciting other users to open support tickets about the issue, despite knowing that it is a known issue for us and that spamming support about it will not get it fixed any sooner. That is quite the difference, I would say ๐Ÿ™‚

          • F FerudaFarstaria

            While it is understandable that repetitive messages can be an issue. Though you could have used different words to describe that. As it gave people here the wrong impressions. Clearly as demonstrated with my response. Though I understand that you are coming from a moderation standpoint.

            Though I can also shoot you another good recommendation. As this would help give players a sense of security that this is a known issue, and possibly help reduce the amount of messages you get about it here. As I see this being a frequent topic of discussion. More like a frequent point (and concern) that is made that makes players assume that this will never be fixed or is even known or raised to the team. In other words players look at this and think while it’s reported, the team may not be taking this into any level of priority. So if you kindly please look at what I have to show next below…

            If you can have a look at this for a moment please https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2040052-Known-Issues-List-February-7th-2020

            This is the known issues list. That is displayed on the Support Forums. Which a lot of people frequently view (and are directed to by support as well). It hasn’t been updated since February 7th of this year. If you could bring this to the attention of the team to update this list. So that the issue with the soundtrack (along with all other issues being reported recently and currently) be added to the list. Followed by updates to the other issues already on the list (if any apply or not). I see this list being talked about frequently, especially when people complain. So updating the known issues list is a good way to demonstrate that issues with the game are still being looked at. This would assure players that the team is aware and that everything will be looked into accordingly in the order of priority of course. Which should help reduce the message bombardments coming in. While also relieving stress and concerns to players.

            Though I am surprised that the list has not been updated in such a long period of time. Feb 7 is like what over 2 months now since the last issues list update? I believe this is why people are flooding the support system, because the known issues list hasn’t been updated in a long time since the last wave of issues. Which gives players the impression that this is not being looked at. Therefore they are concerned or in some cases angry. Which results to this flood or surge to support you are referring to.

            So if you can kindly please alert the team that the known issues list needs a update. That would be great. This should help lessen this flood or surge you are describing to support. Which can help free up support staff and reduce a backlog of tickets. But there probably will still be people who will come forwards. But that is to be expected with feedback and concerns.

            Thank you for reading.

            Warm Regards,

  7. R RodLosAngeles

    How about an update that fixes the soundtrack so that all the tracks get played in-game as originally intended as was advertised before launch?

  8. B Barracuda1955

    Thank You, finally can play the game again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • X Xavi-Yt

      Where is the Link to download the update?

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