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Game Update 7.1 (Updated)

  • 31.03.2020

Hi Anno Community,

we are currently working on our next Game Update, 7.1, to tackle many of the issues that you have been reporting to us in the past week. We are currently testing Game Update 7.1, and will share details on the release timing with you all in the coming days. Until then, stay safe!

Update: We are currently expecting to release Game Update 7.1 today, Friday April 3rd, at 2pm CET. The download will be roughly 1GB.

Game Update 7.1 Release Notes

An issue with disappearing infotips while the right-click menu was pinned has been fixed.

An issue that could cause ships to remain stuck in transition mode after entering a session while new DLC was being activated has been fixed.

Fixed a multiplayer desync caused by selecting a blueprint building while owning a Palace.

Fixed an issue with certain menu windows (such as transfers, options etc.) preventing players from scrolling all the way to the bottom.

Fixed an issue where policies slotted in the Palace could be reset when reaching a new optimization level in the influence system.

Fixed an UI issue where Old Nate’s transmutation system could break if the menu was closed while the crafting animation was playing.

An issue that could cause the trade routes menu to get stuck when rapidly clicking the X button to close the menu while setting up a new trade or oil route has been fixed.

Fixed an issue in the statistics menu where some buildings could be displayed twice if buffed with an additional similar output.

Fixed a display issue issue where the difficulty level of expeditions could be shown incorrectly if the menu to assign a ship to an expedition was opened and closed again.

Fixed some additional randomly occurring crashes.


  1. 7 76561198317259698

    Game keeps crashing since the 7.1. update. I can’t even get to the start menu of the game 🙁

  2. 7 76561198058181557

    Please Please Please fix the wandering ships. I don’t know how many ships I lost because they for some reason feel the need to go to some small island on the other side of the b***** map. Especially late in the game when you have a load of cargo ships. Or at least make sure they seek the closest harbor at access points. It is utterly illogical that they sail past harbor after harbor. How about a button on the Trade posts that make it possible to select that as the main harbor or when sending to a new world, have a map show up like when we create trade routes.

  3. B Barracuda1955

    Game downloaded update in Uplay then crashed. Tried twice and will not come up .Keeps crashing. Need a hot fix please! Also tried verifying files still will not work.

    • B Barracuda1955

      Any idea when this is going to be fixed??Still cannot get into the game. Did report the crashes.

  4. i iznano4nik

    The game doesn’t start in STEAM! The first health warning loading screen stuck
    upd 166.9 mb!!!

  5. i iznano4nik

    hmm 166.9 Mb in Steam

    pls add hotkey “next building of this type”.

  6. s shp1495

    game not even launchin after update…

    • B BB_CR

      Try verifying your files in Uplay, that may fix the issue for you.

        • E ErgoCognito

          worked after redeeming ubisoft points on cosmetics?

      • s shp1495

        i tried everything.. it’s update for sure

  7. R RodLosAngeles

    P.S. Please also allow us to disable edge-scrolling.

  8. R RodLosAngeles

    When will you fix the music bug affecting ALL players that causes many of the soundtrack songs to never get played in-game? The songs for different citizen levels (artisans, engineers, investors) are completely broken and the unique music tracks for NPC characters don’t work correctly either.

    This dynamic soundtrack was teased before release in dev streams, but it has never worked since release for us paying customers.

    How can such a blatant bug go unfixed for an entire year???

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