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Game Update 6.1 is coming next week

  • 13.12.2019

We are currently working on Game Update 6.1, which will fix the issues you can see below. We will share more informaton on the releasem timing and download size once they are available, so keep an eye on this spot!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a potential crash that could occur at game start.

Fixed an issue that could cause performance drops when a lot of ships were simultaneously switching sessions, which would have especially affected larger save games.

Fixed an issue with the fog of war returning to islands after loading a save game.

Fixed an issue that could cause performance issues in co-op games specifically.

Fixed a visual issue with fire effects not being correctly aligned on the affected ships.


  1. W WelderA

    Will this update also fix the newspaper heralding goods shortages on certain islands while the ware house on that island is filled to the brim with exactly those goods? Or is this by design?

  2. T The_GreatDutch

    Will the ‘unexpected DirectX error’ be solved in this update? I can’t play the game for months because of this…

  3. S SSAlex40

    What About the glitch where certain goods it randomly goes to show Zero in your depot but you have more then zero clearly and the game is just displaying zero in your depot? It shows me with zero wood but I actually am somewhere about 50 – and when I built a supply depot for more storage suddenly it started going up as if it was at zero again for example now its at 20 but I really have 70? This never happened until most recent update so was wondering if that’s a easily fixable thing to address? and I can prove it because I can load 70 into my ship. but its only on this one island (that i’ve so far noticed) and I have started too many new games to try different things so I can’t say if its only my saved game specific but its the first time I’ve noticed a bug that actually bothers me in my 300+ hours besides the old DirectX12 crashing back when the game first released which is long fixed.

  4. t thewenus

    What about the population numbers in the top bar not showing Investors?

    • b banan1996.1996

      You mean the workforce bars? It is intended that it shows only farmers-engineers. But if you scroll with your mouse while hovering over the bar you will see workers-investors.

      You don’t really need to monitor investors workforce as it is used only for the World’s Fair.

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