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Game Update 5.2 and Playtest

  • 17.09.2019

When our scouts returned from their reconnaissance mission, they handed over mysterious reports about vanishing vessels at the gate to the high seas. The rumors spread quickly around our islands and it took mere days until you could listen to old sailor’s cock and bull stories about missing crews and ghost ships in every dockland pub. We had to act as we already set things in motion to start our next big expedition.

Game Update 5.2

After we received reports about gameplay affecting bugs such as the ship duplication as well as other issues still persistent after Game Update 5.1, we decided to publish another Game Update this week Thursday.

Anno 1800 Game Update 5.2 Release Notes

Co-Op Playtest

With Botanica and Game Update 5 just behind us, we look onward to the next big stop on our Anno post-launch journey. With the next free Game Update on the horizon, we want to invite members of the Anno Union to a focus playtest session starting next week Monday. This test will helps us to accumulate additional data for the upcoming Game Update 6.

For this test, we are looking for Union members who are willing to test the upcoming Co-op feature from Monday, September 23 until Sunday, September 29.

With this test we are specifically looking for data and issues related to game connectivity, so while playing daily is not mandatory, we encourage testers to play as much as possible to provide is with external data for a variety of different scenarios.

The test will be under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and as we specifically test the new co-op multiplayer feature, single player will not be part of the test.

If you want to join the focus test, please send an e-mail to union-playtest@bluebyte.de, including the following data;

Ubisoft Forum Name
Uplay Name
Country Code

We will provide all further details, such as how to access the test and where to post feedback, via email to all participants until the end of the week.


  1. K Katje-Katrien


    I missed a Anno Afternoon with Guddy 5 days ago.
    I wonder.
    Why was this not announced on the Anno Union Site?
    I am a bit disappointed.


  2. R Richard9998

    Ich habe keine COOP Test e-Mail bekommen !!! OHHH NOOO Den wollte ich umbedingt testen. Habt Ihr eine bekommen ?

  3. M MiloS44

    Dear Team,

    I believe that You need to make some impotent life improvement game changes.

    – Add Victory condition in sandbox mode. It is absurd that we need to write down what conditions were or to manual track there progress. Especially that Anno is not fast game. Sometimes a week pass for one sandbox to finish.
    – Add ship load in trade routs. It is annoying at least to search for ship manual where it is and what is loaded on it. Sometimes we want to see what is problem with goods. Ship in not full, it has some goods from previous line, it takes to mush time to arrive but it is full. IF You add ship cargo screen on trade menu we can easily find and fix trade lines.
    – Thirdly you can add income per island. I really liked how it is done in Anno 1404. It lets u understand better income. In this game /Anno 1800/ it would be even more important because we have every island with its population and production. Islands are more independent.

    I hope You reconsider my suggestions. 🙂 I did not post them because I don’t like anno, I post it because I believe anno can be better game 🙂

    Best regards,

  4. F Flabbertats

    Awesome!! Finally, coop is coming! We can’t wait! What do you mean with country code?

    Keep up the good work, love the game :)!

  5. N NURBS_011010

    Really love the creative team behind the project. I’m a cold hearted gamer, and will be quick to say mean and negative things when I’m experiencing glitches/bugs… but reading the first paragraph of this post made me immediately feel horribly guilty about anything bad I’ve ever said about this game. Whoever is behind this project, I hope you fix the bugs, but I also love this game and thank you all for creating such an awesome experience!

  6. S Skirlasvoud

    Thanks for making quick work of the duplicating ship bug!

    I hope that these three points:
    – Fixed an issue where idle ships can be seen off the map when reloading an older save game.
    – These ships should now be recoverable.
    – Fixed an issue where AI ships could get stuck at the border of the map.

    will also resolve the fact that ships would vanish from their routes to become idle/stuck on the border of the fact, but I’m confident it will.

    Plenty of people will obsess over the mention of co-op, but us single-players also greatly appreciate that the basics workings of the game will function correctly again!


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