Game Update 5.1

  • 12.09.2019

After we received reports about bugs that appeared after the last Game Update, we plan to apply another Game Update to Anno 1800 tomorrow, September 13th at 3pm CEST. Here is what it will entail:

Increased reward chance of musical scores.

Increased botanical expedition events chance.

Fixed a stability issue where the title could crash while converting scrap at Old Nate’s Island Harbour.

Fixed a situation where the Twitch Drops would not be in game anymore after the Botanica-Update.

Fixed a situation where players were unable to manually load/unload at the pier.

Fixed an issue where items or materials would get lost when diving with a full Salvager ship.

Fixed a visualization issue where the tool tip for railway construction would not update properly upon placement.

Fixed an unintended spawning issue where quest givers could show up on sea areas.

Fixed an issue where trading items would no longer have differences between buying and selling costs.

Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to delete multiple pavement tiles at the same time.

Fixed an issue where prohibiting consumption of wares didn’t affect resident happiness anymore.


  1. P Paperpr1nt


    Thanks a lot for working hard on this amazing game!
    But is there any update on the coop?
    I really miss this feature, I used to play the coop mode with my friends a lot in the past Anno games, and I really want to do that with Anno 1800 as well.

    • t tonio12345

      I’m backing this comment, we need this feature !

  2. o olblf

    Is the “QI_treasure_dummy_stick”-bug fixed yet? It’s a problem that breaks the “The Big Blue Sea”-quest and makes the sunken treasute dlc unplayable. The obly way to solve it is to reload an old backup save file from before the quest, but I have played for many hours and would lose a lot of progress if I did.

  3. K Katje-Katrien


    Nice to see that there will be a game update for the fixes soon. 😀

    But is there any news about the flag banner. A lot of players have got the Annoholic flag instead of the red Union Flag.

    Kind regards,


    • U Ubi-Guddy

      Hello Katje-Katrien, thank you for the heads up. 🙂

      Unfortunately, we unlocked the Annoholic flag instead of the Union flag and it will stay this way. But we will make sure to include the Union Flag in another future event.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused!


      • K Katje-Katrien

        Hello Ubi-Guddy,

        Thank you for the answer. The Annoholic Flag is a real nice one. But I am looking forward to the Union Flag as well 😀

        And thank you for my package from the German Anno Afternoon.



        • U Ubi-Guddy

          Ha! I’m glad it found the way to its new home! 🙂

  4. V V2EX

    How about the new desync issue? When a desync happens, it creates a duplicated/malfunctioning ship. That ship may have a trade route which is not deletable. It cannot be sold. The only way I can deal with it is to take it to an enemy island to let the enemy destroy it. That desync seems to have a high probability of happening when a ship returned from an expedition.

    A related discussion on Reddit:

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