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Igne Natura Renovatur

  • 24.10.2018

Who have we here? You are in dangerous waters. You know not with whom you meddle. Leave if you value your life. Else all shall burn.

We are the fire bringers. The sixth age of man approaches. All must bow to the flames. You will be our fuel.

The fire will burn forever.


  1. n nikola20102010

    Interesting who or what this guy is servant of?
    Really grabbed my attention.

  2. K Kitsune_kit88

    seems like we have a kind of Illuminatii type of faction with the new release i love it 🙂

  3. J Jadeno13579

    also please tell me he works with the templars i from ac

  4. J Jadeno13579

    at least have a day and night cycle or for the least a lighthouse that changes the day and night, oh yeah and is he in the campaign or an actual player that can be in continuous games

  5. s sauluxville

    A little bit unexpected pitchy voice for the face but, ok.

    I just hope that his mechanics will be along the lines of 1404/2070 villains, i. e., that it will be possible either to reason with him and channel his energies against other rivals, or extinguish him completely, even if sinking an entire island would be the price.

    Please don’t repeat 2205 mistakes, where the bad guy was only able to dish out hollow threats at the start, and when given some teeth in later dlc, there were no means to deal with him permanently. As players, we want real problems, but we’d also like to be given capabilities to solve them and get rid of them completely, if we so wish and commit to it 🙂

  6. R RazorBlade185

    I can only hope that you can turn this creep of in the settings. In my city is no place for him.

    • A Acolyte

      We will make our own place. With fire.

  7. A ArcShowPL

    let the flames live, they will renew us!

  8. B BertProesmans

    I love the vibe coming from this (bad?) guy.
    There isn’t much substance shown yet but his clothing looks interesting and the conviction is clearly expressed. I’m hyped!

    Is his early ‘invitational’ tone part of gameplay? Maybe I’m taking my fantasies too far but this dynamic personality could be a big feature in the game.

    • A Acolyte

      Trying to label us as bad or evil shows a lack of understanding. The fire is coming.

  9. H HannesDS

    He won’t get very far with his fire on islands filled with rivers, fire stations and surrounde with water.

    But he still can be useful on the prison Island. I’m sure mr Bleakworth would appreciate free heating during the colder months. There’s even enough place for all six of your ages of man.

    Or maybe in a cage in the zoo, he would be a big attraction next to the donkeys.

    • A Acolyte

      Brave words that will lack brave actions. Water is no obstacle.

  10. M MrWhiteWizard

    Part time reader, first time commenter. This bloke looks interesting. Is there still going to be traditional Pirates (Skull and cross bones, Yarrrr Harrr etc? peg legs etc?)

    • U Ubi-O5

      Pirates will be back and you should become a full time reader quickly if you want to know more.

  11. S SirDavidFirst

    Hello is this the bad madman in Anno 1800? Is this going to be like the mad computer in 2070 game, it would not be a bad idea, let’s see how it plays out?

    • A Acolyte

      Only the small-minded call us mad. A new age is coming.

  12. B BlueBreath

    Well seeing that I am hunting cultists right now in Odyssey, here it should be a piece of cake :D.

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