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AnnoCast 03: Watch LIVE from 4.30pm CET/ 11.30am EST/ 8.30am PST

  • 22.03.2018

Watch live video from ubisoftbluebyte on www.twitch.tv


  1. p pirateame

    Thumps up to the devs.

    Is the range for placing farm fields increased. As it looks that all the buildings are in one line and the fields are spread out.

    • b banan1996.1996

      Yes, it seems like farms will be working like in Anno 2205 so that fields can be placed far away from the building as long as they are all connected to it. They seem to work in a modular way and fields are clearly smaller so we have more freedom while building our farms. And I really love it!

      • p pirateame

        I have never played 2205….I would love to have that type ok building.

  2. p pirateame

    Unfortunately, I was not able to view the live. Can anyone help me where I can watch the recording??

    Thanks in advance.

    • B BlueBreath

      just hover over their link to twitch above and when it appears click on most recent video

  3. B BlueBreath

    Thanks for answering my operating cost question, had a feeling it would have been a bit too much.

    I noticed looking at the stream start, all the ships will have their name written on them?

  4. O Olinater

    Very nice stream! I’m very interested in the different types of third party AI’s Anno will contain. As some people in the chat already mentioned I also noticed the ‘Europe’ indicator on the trade screen which immediately raises the questions what other regions will be in the game (assuming there will be more than one region), hope to find out more about it in a future dev blog.
    One thing that I however didn’t like is that it seems that a lot of non-residential buildings are a bit tilted. I know this is quite personal, but I like it more to see buildings straight rather than slightly tilted (factories for example).
    I don’t mind that you guys decided that workers live in kind of semi-rural buildings instead of large packed apartment blocks, but maybe you guys can do both? After progressing further in the game you might be able to build apartment blocks specifically designed for the worker class next to the already available semi-rural buildings.

  5. d diddle783

    just watched the video and i must say i really like the details like the flowers under the windows, the washing lines, the dolphins etc. so happy that you decided to go back in time with the game and the style is more a 1701 and 1404 mix

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