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Adjustments to Attractiveness Items

  • 12.03.2020

Hey Anno Community (bet you missed hearing those words over and over, eh?), we hope you enjoyed your first glimpse at Season 2 as much as we did! It is safe to say that your enthusiasm for the reveal has fueled the team since, as we are busy putting the finishing touches on Seat of Power, our first Season 2 DLC which is already releasing on March 24.

As we
announced during the Season 2 reveal stream, every DLC will once again be
accompanied by a free Game Update to improve the game for all our players,
regardless of whether they have bought the DLC. This will start with Game
Update 7, coming on March 24. However, before we share the full release notes
with you closer to release, we wanted to make you aware of a few important
balancing changes that may affect your cities, so you have enough time to
prepare before the update hits!

So, let us talk about balancing. Seeing how Anno is mostly played as a single-player game where players spend dozens (if not hundreds) of hours slowly building and optimizing a sprawling empire, we are very careful not to upset your game’s tightly interwoven industrial machinery with unnecessary balancing changes, unless we feel that they are absolutely necessary. In this specific case, there are unfortunately a few attractiveness-boosting items that can be exploited when stacking them on a town hall, and then building as many public buildings as possible in their radius.

While we
appreciate the creativity of the Anno community when it comes to finding new
ways to optimize their islands and are often willing to turn a blind eye to
some of the more inventive strategies, this specific combination is a bit too
exploitable for a healthy game balance. That is why the below items will have
their attractiveness boost adjusted, to bring them more in line with other
(still powerful) combinations.


Cabinet of
Curiosities Pamphlet
reduced from +10 to +7
Concerto Billboard
reduced from +10 to +7
Boys’ Choir
reduced from +10 to +7
Art and
Craft Festival Poster
reduced from +10 to +7
La Condesa
Del Amor’s Majestic Dance Billboard
reduced from +15 to +10
“Valley of Death” A Treatise on the Upper Kingdoms
reduced from +15 to +10
Choral Society Poster
reduced from +15 to +10
International Trade Fair Billboard
reduced from +15 to +10
Bartok, The Golden Voice
reduced from +14 to +7 and Range from +20 to +25  

Keep an eye
on the Anno Union for the full Game Update 7 Release Notes next week!


  1. C Cooppeeer

    I bought separately the first DLС from the season’s pass, 12 hours have already passed, and in the game it is blocked. I tried to check the integrity of the files, restart Steam and even rebooted the PC, but nothing. Who knows what could be the problem? help me please

  2. B BlueBreath

    Any estimate on the patch notes arrival?
    I would like to be prepared when seat of power arrives.

    • U Ubi-Thorlof

      If things go as planned, till end of the week.

  3. i iznano4nik

    Im very happy for season 2 pass.
    Im steam owner game.
    So when season 2 pass will be avaible in STEAM????

  4. K Katje-Katrien


    This a test to see if everything works fine now, after having problems to access this site.
    If all goes well I will post my feedback this weekend.

    Kind regards,


    • K Katje-Katrien

      Oeps I meant “This is a test”. maybe someone can change it for me. Thank you.

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