Vote for the next cosmetic DLC

Hey Anno Community,

it has been a while since we ran our last Anno Union vote— high time to do so again! This time we want your input on the topic of our next Cosmetic DLC Pack, giving you the choice between three themes. Once the voting ends, we will begin development on the new content, which we plan to cover with blogs on the Anno Union to show you how the Union’s chosen topic comes to live.

So, what exactly is a “Cosmetic Pack”? As you know, we released the Holiday Pack last December, giving you the option to turn your cities festive with an assortment of Christmas-themed ornaments such as Christmas Market stalls. While many of you loved the Pack, we also received a lot of feedback that if we were to do another such pack, you would prefer to have something a bit more general that you can proudly display in your empire all-year-round. You also provided us with many suggestions about potential themes, which inspired us to turn the decision about the next pack’s theme over to you, the faithful Anno Union members.

More precisely, we plan to release the pack this Summer, at a price of 4,99€/$, which will include between 15-20 ornaments, with the exact number depending on the theme and scope (with the Ferris wheel, for example, being a lot more work than two smaller ornaments). This pack will be a standalone purchase, and not part of the Season 2 Pass. While ornaments and beauty building are super important for parts of our community, we also know that others don’t care for them as much, so we think that having these packs as à la carte purchase outside the Season Passes is the best way to give our players maximum flexibility over their Anno 1800 experience. Enough on that— here are your options! Please note that all content below is cosmetic and will not change Anno 1800’s gameplay.

“Bustling City Life”: Build playgrounds, coffee and ice cream kiosks, and similar novelties.

Trip to the Big Top”: Have the Circus come to town whenever you feel like it!

“A Day at the Amusements”: Open an astounding amusement park for your citizens to revel in.

Of course, all of us on the Anno 1800 Team have our own favorites that we are crossing fingers for, and we can’t wait to see which theme will emerge as the community’s favorite! Voting will run for two weeks and end on Thursday, May 14th at 11:59pm CET. Happy voting, and stay safe!


Seat of Power Screenshot Contest

With all the tools necessary to construct a palace worthy of an industrial magnate at your disposal, we are sure that many of you have already created some amazing and lavish palace complexes! The ideal time to start another creative contest and ask you to share pictures of your architectural marvels with us.

Simply share your screenshots with us on Twitter using the #seatofanno hashtag or post them in this dedicated forum thread.

And while it is not mandatory and will not be part of the selection process, feel free to tell us more about your palace! Did you model it after any real-world monument? Is there any cool story behind it? We want to know!

The submission deadline is May 8th, 11:59pm CET. We will announce the winners in an upcoming Union Update after our team had some time to browse through all your magnificent screenshots.

Of course, palace-building is hard work, and needs the right tools. Thankfully, our good friends at CORSAIR (no business or family relationship to Anne Harlow) have once again volunteered to sponsor some of their great gaming hardware for the Anno Union, allowing us to offer these prizes:


Grand prize: CORSAIR VOID Headset, CORSAIR IRONCLAW Wireless Mouse and CORSAIR MM350 mousepad

2nd prize: CORSAIR IRONCLAW mouse and CORSAIR MM350 mousepad

3rd prize: CORSAIR HARPOON mouse and MM300 mousepad

Given current circumstances, we have to add a small disclaimer: Once we have selected the winners, we will undertake every effort to send them their prizes as soon as possible, though there may be some delays depending on the Covid-19 related regulations at the time.

Good luck to all palace builders out there, we are looking forward to your creations! And as always, stay healthy and safe!

Game Update 7.2

Game Update 7.2 is now available, with a download size of roughly 1GB.


Further improved
game stability by fixing several potential crashes and desyncs.

Improved reporting on desync errors.

While Game Update 7.2 fixes several issues that could cause crashes and desyncs, we cannot, in the interest of transparency, promise that it will fix these issues for all affected players. We are still in the process of investigating recent error reports, and are not always able to reproduce the issues during our own tests. To help with this, the Game Update also includes further improvements to crash and desync reporting so we can narrow down the potential causes for these issues.

Happy First Annoversary!

Hey Anno Community,

Time sure flies! Has it already been a year since you all first joined us in the age of the industrial revolution? Turns out the answer is yes, and what an incredible year it has been for all of us. So, let us look back at the first year of Anno 1800 together!

April 16, 2019: Anno 1800, the seventh game in the equally beloved and long-running Anno series is released, inviting PC gamers worldwide into the age of the industrial revolution

April 29, 2019: Thanks to all of you, we can announce that Anno 1800 is officially the fastest selling game in the franchise’s 20-year history! Thanks everyone 😊

June 5, 2019: “The Anarchist” Dr. Hugo Mercier joins the party as the first new content release for the game, including a new NPC opponent (or ally), new quests and items. Alongside Hugo come new menus for construction projects like the world fair, dig site and court of justice.

July 30, 2019: Annoholics start the hunt for “Sunken Treasures” with our first DLC from the Season 1 Pass, which includs major new features like the diving bell system and item crafting with Old Nate, and of course the ever popular Crown Falls island, which has become the centerpiece of many a building record attempt. On the free side of things, Game Update 4 brings with it a higher zoom level, overall performance improvements, reworked expedition rewards and improvements to the trade route menu.

August 19, 2019: Not only does Anno 1800 make an appearance at the first ever gamescom Opening Night Live event alongside some of the biggest games of the year, but it also gives players a first glimpse at “Botanica” and “The Passage”, plus the announcement of the all-new day and night mode that many of you had been hoping for!

September 5, 2019: Our second Season 1 DLC, Botanica, makes your cities bloom with the new botanical garden, while bringing a lot of free improvements as part of Game Update 5. Among those are the beloved day and night mode, new plaza tiles for your cultural buildings, new botanical expeditions, ships being able to escort between sessions and… ghost ships. So many ghost ships.

October 1, 2019: As a result of the ghost ship invasion of 2019, we announce a change to our development roadmap, combining the free Game Update for the co-op and statistics features with the release of “The Passage” for December. We also announce a larger scale test to give community members to chance to help us fine-tune this huge update prior to release.

December 10, 2019: Marking the biggest day since release for Anno 1800, December 10 has something for everyone! “The Passage” invites players for a dangerous journey into the arctic, the statistics system gives everyone the ability to fine-tune their economy even further, the co-op mode unites former enemies, and the “Holiday Pack” allows Annoholics to construct a beautiful Christmas Market in their cities.

December 12, 2019: What’s the best way to end the year on a high note? Awards! Anno 1800 is the big winner at the 2019 edition of the German Developer Award, winning across all nominated categories, including the main award for the “Best German Game”. Dankeschön!

February 28, 2020: All good things must come to an end, and so we say goodbye to two long-time veterans of the Anno franchise, with Anno 1800’s Executive Producer Burkhard Ratheiser and Senior Creative Director Dirk Riegert moving on to other projects here at Ubisoft Mainz. In their stead, we welcome our new Game Director Manuel Reinher and Senior Producer Charles Harribey.

March 9, 2020: After an extended content break, Anno 1800 is back and firing on all cylinders with the announcement of the Season 2 Pass. For the first time ever in the history of the series, an Anno game will get a second year of support, including several free Game Updates and three all new DLCs! In addition, we have to say “thank you” to everyone in the community once more, as we announce that the game had attracted more than a million players by December 2019!

March 24, 2020: Only two weeks after the announcement, the new “Seat of Power” DLC kicks of Season 2 of Anno 1800 in style, inviting you to construct a magnificent palace. Alongside the new DLC comes Game Update 7, including several improvements like a difficulty setting for the influence system, improved multi-copy and reworked item pools for the diving bell system.

As you can see, we have been busy, and continue to be so with all the future goodness coming to the game. This Summer, we will invite you to give your farms a big boost with “Bright Harvest”, before travelling to the “Land of Lions” in Fall. And we are of course also working on new Free Updates, including an overview of all your items, and the much-rumored return of the “Great Eastern”.

Before we leave you for today, we again want to stress how all the above has only been possible thanks to your passion and support of Anno over the years. As a small token of our gratitude, we are releasing the “Imperial Pack” (Anno 1800’s Pre-Order Bonus) and all Twitch Drop Ornaments from 2019 to all our players for free… today! So the next time you start the game, you will have access to 10 additional ornaments, as well as the Imperial skins for the command ship and train engine.

Thanks for playing, stay tuned to the Anno Union for future news, and (most importantly) stay safe and healthy!


The Anno 1800 Team