Union Update: About Writing Adventures

In this week’s Union Update, we bring you another episode of our Union Talk show, this time we invited Game Writer África Curiel Gálvez to talk about inspirations and work on The Passage’s tense campaign story and background.

With the Union Talk show, we not only want to keep you in the loop about recent developments and news from the world of Anno, we also want to provide insights into the work of our developers. Is there anything you always wanted to know more about? Are you curious about a specific aspect of game development or an ingredient of the Anno series? Let us know in the comments below for future episodes of the Union Talk!

Community Highlight: Meet thousands of Annoholics on r/anno
Over the last years, our Anno subreddit grew from a knowledgeable, albeit small corner to a huge gathering place for Anno fans around the world. By the time of this writing, the reddit.com/r/anno channel gathered almost 20.000 Annoholics with hundreds of active readers every day.
From gameplay discussions over funny findings and memes to elaborate guides, we highly encourage everyone to check out this inviting community of fans and experts!

A new episode of Anno Afternoon with a very special throwback to a classic
A nunchuk? What are Thorlof and Trenchcoat up to now? Better turn into this Friday’s very special Anno Afternoon Stream, as we dive into an old classic even many of you veterans out there might not be that familiar with!

Tune in this Friday at 5pm CET at twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

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Union Update: Into the new year with GU6.2

During our winter break, we had some time to reminisce over an exciting launch and a season full of content. The whole team is now back in the studio and in high spirit to improve and grow Anno 1800 even further in 2020.

The Passage expanded the world of Anno 1800 significantly and to take the time to ensure quality and the support from the Anno Union payed of greatly. Furthermore, we have now a full season of content to look back and with that, a lot of valuable feedback to utilize for all future improvements and upcoming content. But while you must wait a bit longer until we can share the first news about what’s to come, we are not spending our time idly: our first update, Game Update 6.2, will land next Thursday, January 23, already.

Anno 1800 nominated for the DICE award “Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year”

Before we dive into the update notes, we have more news to share. Anno 1800 received great reception not only from players and from the gaming press, our game was also the big winner at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis Awards and received several other nominations.We are happy to announce that Anno 1800 got now nominated for one of gaming’s most well-respected awards: The DICE Award for Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year. Let’s cross our fingers together but one thing is for sure, the nomination alone is a big honor and an achievement for the game and for all Anno players out there.

Bringing Anno 1800 to laptop gamers around the world

The 21 year old Anno series is a great testimonial of how much technology changed and improved in over two decades. With Anno 1800, our studio and Intel collaborated to bring our complex and detailed simulation game to laptop users around the world, even without a dedicated GPU. Tech savvy Union members can now read up on our journey in an article on Intel’s Developer Zone, including a lot of details and interesting development insights.

Game Update 6.2 includes several improvements and fixes and will release next Thursday, January 23 at 2pm CET. The total size of the update will be around 3.8 gigabyte.

Improved the visualization of the graphs in the statistics menu.

Improved the chance of obtaining the “Relics of the expedition” item, by adding it to the Inuit trader. This will allow you to complete the Icebound set if you missed the item during the expedition to the arctic.

General Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where destroying enemy harbor defense buildings granted temporary influence points.

Fixed an issue where players without “The Sunken Treasure” DLC were not able to transmute arctic scrap to items.

Fixed an issue where influence points where not correctly calculated on loading a save while ships were constructed in the shipyard.

Fixed an issue where some treasure maps for the arctic would not show an island. Happy arctic treasure hunting!

Fixed a crash that could occur after the benchmark has finished.

Fixed a random crash that could occur when the AI upgrades a warehouse.

Fixed a random crash that could occur under specific conditions in first-person mode when looking at a feedback unit.

Fixed a random crash that could occur with feedback units.

Fixed a crash that could occur after leaving the prologue session in the campaign.

Graphical and UI Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the infotip for the influence costs of all owned airships was displaying a wrong value.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer when more than six players where using the same channel.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in the loading screen for a multiplayer match with 16 players.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer for Russian and Spanish text language.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer where the button to collapse and expand the UI was not clearly visible.

Quest Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the gas provided by Old Nate could not be spawned if the space behind the Trading Post was occupied with a building.

Fixed an issue where the “A Sudden Spike” quest was triggered before the player has built the airship hangar.

Text Fixes

Fixed an issue where the warning notification for missing resources for heaters did not mention the correct resource.

Fixed an issue where the fluff texts for the abandoned camps were not displayed.

Fixed an issue where the location clue text for the quest “Unwanted Espionage” was not fitting the quest.